Adventure 1

  • Destination: Drømmen, DNT cabin (The Dream) – Krokskogen – Nordmarka – Oslo
  • Walking distance: about 10k from bus stop
  • No. nights: 1
  • Price: As a member of DNT, 450 pr night. including the dog
  • Equipment besides cloths and shoes: sleeping bag, food

The experience

I got started Friday evening after work. To get to the starting point I had to take two busses there. They corresponded, so no hassle there. It took me about 1,5 hour from Oslo, so not so bad.

The route that I chose was not so difficult, but i did have to walk through some swamps, so my feet got wet. If I had put on good shoes like Gore-Tex shoes i probably wouldn’t get wet. But I didn’t. I had some running shoes. They gave me blisters. It started of really nice, and it had some tricky parts where I had to walk in a bit uneasy terrain, but not too bad. As a runner I´m used to think km/h and calculate how far I have gotten. Walking in nature on small paths and uneven terrain, I´m not able to hold the same pace as I do running on nice and flat roads. My mistake. Walking those 10k witch I had thought would take about an hour and a half would be about one hour off. I had no idea. I have learned.

The cabin is a small hut made in a Norwegian tradition and is really cozy. It really is. It does have everything you need, gas for cooking, a nice bed, two chairs and a small table. It has a fireplace, witch i did not use, but I´m guessing it works really good.

After a really good night sleep it is custom to clean out the cabin the hopefully leave it in a better condition than when I came. So I cleaned the whole thing. It was easy and went by really fast. Consuming breakfast in nature is a great thing, even if its just a slice of bread and Nutella. It still taste like a million. And even the coffee seems better. Its probably worse then what you get at the cool coffee bars downtown, but the experience makes everything taste better.

The mistakes

Day one. I like to travel. I like to walk. So I did. But I didn’t bring a map, but luckily DNT have made signs and marks everywhere so you should be able to get by without a map. At least thats what I was thinking. I started to walk to an other cabin. As I got there and the time was not even 11AM I thought I could find a water to have a bath. I chose a name on the signs and decided to follow the signs until I got there. I thought I followed the signs and the marks. I messed up. I made a wrong choice and ended up off the route. I had to walk on the road, but it was a longer way, but better to walk on. As I walked on the road I noticed that there was a sign on the side of the road pointing to a path that was right next to the road. I thought; its easier to walk on the road, I´ll just do that until I´m there. 2nd mistake. I never found that water that I thought I was heading towards. But what i did find was a nice top with a perfect view. Never mind my mistakes, this made my adventure better. I found a place all to my self. I sunbathed for several hours. I got a sunburn even.



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