Adventure 2

  • Route: Sognsvann – Hakkloa – Oppkuven – Mørkganga – Sørkedalen
  • Walking distance: about 80k from subway and back agin
  • No. nights: 2
  • Price: Free
  • Necessary equipment besides cloths and shoes: sleeping bag, food, hammock, stove, bottle

The experience

This was a long walk, but a great walk. I didn’t bring the dog, so I had the possibility to sleep in my hammock. More on that later. To get to the start point was easy, just the tram up to Sognsvann and from there its about 20k into Hakkloa witch is a small lake with fishes and bevers. It was easy to find a place to make a camp and as I was eating my dinner I got a double rainbow. It was beautiful! From Hakkloa to Oppkuven witch is one of 5 tops over 700moh in Nordmarka, was a nice walk. Again through a lot of swamps, and not having Gore-Tex shoes makes the trip wet. And wet feet makes for blisters. Just saying. I was wet a lot. Oppkuven presented me with a view that could see the everything. At the top you can climb up a tower so you get above the trees and a map that tells you what you see. Nicely done!

Mørkganga is a spectacular place. It is a steep cliff and I was able to put my hammock at the very tip of the cliff and with a majestically sunset it dosent get more peaceful than that.

From here and to Sørkedalen its a nice walk, just through a couple of swamps, but not as bad as the day before. It takes about 7 hours including breaks and stopping to talk with people. Because thats what you do. Norwegians are really approchable and talkative in nature. Always let people know where you came from and where you are headed, its just a safety thing.

The food

For this trip I did not make an effort about the food. I had boil-in-bag food. Its really easy, taste good. Or just after hiking for several hours any food makes a great meal. I treated myself to a coke as well. That was delicious. The sound of opening the bottle gave me a happy giggle. Like a child opening up the candy for the first time. Other than that I just had energy bars and slices of bread with Nutella. I like Nutella. It has a lot of calories, witch I need.

The mistakes

Sleeping outdoors during the Norwegian summer has a lot of mosquitos, they are annoying. The buzzes, the fear of getting stung does not make a good nights sleep. I need to get a mosquitos net. That it. Not going through that again. Blisters I can handle. Thats just a bit painful but manageable. Mosquitos through the night, not so much.


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