Adventure 3

  • Route: Sognsvann – Ullvålseter – Kikut – Store Sandungen – Hakkloa – Sognsvann
  • Walking distance: about 50k from subway and back again
  • No. nights: 1
  • Price: Free
  • Packing list
    • Hammock with ropes
    • Sleeping bag
    • One hot meal
    • 4 slices of bread
    • 3 energy bars
    • stove + gas and kettle
    • warm jacket
    • change of cloths
    • bottle for drinks
    • coffee and coffee cup
    • snacks – in my case chips


The Experience

I checked the weather report in the morning, cloudy but no rain. I packed and was out the door within half an hour. This is important for me. Getting out should be easy, and with as few obstacles as possible. I´m starting to see that getting out in nature dosen´t need a week of planning.

Again, my starting point was at Sognsvann and the walk from here to Ullevålseter is crowded. Especially during weekends with nice weather. From Ullevålseter to Kikut I chose to walk as much as possible on trails and tracks and not the road. It is a bit more time consuming, but the experience is better from my point of view. A bit up and down, but not to much. Over the swapms they (DNT) have put down planks over the worst parts. And with the nice weather my feet kept dry all the way. From Kikut over to Store Sandungen I went by Kikut toppen which made the highest point of my adventure this time. 612 moh and it was a steep climb from Kikut and all the way up. There are ropes to help on the worst/best parts. At the top I could see all the way back to down town Oslo and fjord of Oslo. Amazing view.

I was trying to find the sweet spot to camp alongside Store Sandungen. I walked through trees to really see if I could find a cool place. I failed. I could find any good spots, so I decided to walk over to Hakkloa and camp there. I found a spot. Not the same as before, but not far from it.

The food

I need to start learning how to cook on a stove and at the same time not carry too much weight. Any suggestions let me know. Not that boil-in-bag is bad, it’s just not an experience. It’s just food. Still taste good. But if it’s possible to use the nature around to make better meals I´m up for the challenge.


The mistakes

In retrospect, I think I could have made this into a longer journey. But as my knees was starting to act up and I decided to stay close to people just in case anything would happened I chose the safest way. And with the nice weather on Sunday I could have chosen a more exciting way back home.


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