The wish list

This list will grow and edited. At the end there is a list of all the things that I currently use and what I think about it. Hopefully I will add and remove things from this list as I see that I get more experienced.


This is what I have of equipment before starting

  • Hammock (Ticket to the moon – cost about 600 NOK)
  • Sleeping bag ( Don´t remember the name, but it cost about 800NOK a couple of years agoe)
  • Sleeping pad ( cost about 100 NOK – i have the cheapest one)
  • Bag (Bergans 50l – it´s an old one, but i guess i payed about 2000 NOK)
  • Training cloths and woolcloths (I have different tights both short and long and t-shirts and they all are in different price segment. I just use whatever thats clean and feels good)


What I bought before starting my first adventure

  • Ropes for the hammock (cost about 150NOK)
  • Stove and kettle + gas (cost about 800NOK for all of it)


What I think that I need

  • Mosquito net for the hammock (Price 600 NOK)
    • Just because holding the mosquito away from my face and ears just would make for a better nights sleep
  • Tarp – a roof for the hammock (The varies from 400NOK up to 2000NOK depending on the quality, weight and size)
    • In case of rain – so far I have been lucky
    • I´m trying to decide how big i need or if i need one. Will I hike if the weather report says its going to rain? But i could meet unexpected weather. Or should I just get a tent.
  • A lighter sleeping bag
    • Just because the one that I have is a bit big and takes almost half of my bag and is the thing that weight the most.
  • Frying pan/pot
    • If im going to expand my cooking skills I need more than a kettle.
  • Coffecup
    • Just a comfort thing, not in a desperate need, but if I find a cheap and light one I just might get it. Still its some extra weight to carry.
  • A lighter and smaller sleeping pad
    • This thing is also big, works perfect, but takes a lot of space. For the most part it hangs on the outside
  • A tent – possible 3 persons tent??
    • This might be the most expensive thing and I want to get this right. Do I need a 3-season tent or a winter tent. The winter is colder, so they are heavier. Will I be able to sleep with the dog in the hammock the whole night? Will the dog stay in the hammock? So many questions. I´ll have to try..


The equipment that I use

  • Ticket to the moon hammock including ropes – really happy about this one
  • Sleeping bag – it´s a bit big and heavy, but comfortable to sleep in.
  • Sleeping pad – it´s almost perfect, it just take a lot of space
  • Bag – I like the size for a weekend trip. I think I cane use the same size for a couple of more days. Just packing smarter
  • Stove (eagle FMS 102) + kettle (eagle) – essential for making food and coffee
  • My old training cloths works perfect during summer season. I´ll update about it come winter.
  • Fryingpan – Jetboil fryingpan – Food has a tendency to stick. But that also might be the chef.. 
  • Ticket to the moon mosquito net – thankful for this one. It´s not a hundre prosent, but its close. 
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