Adventure 4

  • Route: Sognsvann – Ullvålseter – Øyungen – Rottungen – Liggeren – Helgeren – Kikut – Kobberhaugstua – Ullevålseter – Sognsvann
  • Walking distance: about 50k from subway and back again
  • No. nights: 1
  • Price: Free
  • Packing list
    • Hammock with ropes
    • Mosquito net 
    • Sleeping bag
    • Two hot meals – more on that later
    • 4 slices of bread (didn´t eat them)
    • 2 energy bars
    • caffein tablets to mix in water
    • stove + gas and kettle + frying pan
    • warm jacket
    • change of cloths
    • bottle for drinks
    • snacks – in my case chips and a coca cola
    • Food for the dog


The Experience

All week long I had thought that it was going to rain on Saturday so I had planned for staying in town. But when weekend finally arrived the weather looked great and warm. After going shopping for a mosquito net and frying pan I was ready. This time around I was going to try something new, bring the dog and have him sleep with me in the hammock and I was going to prepare food that was a step up from boil-in-bag-food. 

With the nice weather I was satisfied that we didn´t leave earlier. I got to enjoy the nice weather in the city before we started to walk. Not that it had cooled down, but I think the warmest was over. At least I felt a nice breeze in the forest. I really didn´t planed this trip, but I thought I would walk a bit more east this time and just see how far we could get before we had to camp. So we walked. Over some hills, but not anyone with an impressive view. But just the nature in it self its wonderful. Walking on trails is a lot of fun, but a bit more challenging. It does take down the average walking speed. I think we made about 4-5 km/h. On this trip we walked by a lot of waters, and there were so many people out this weekend. Thats fun. After about 5 hours walk I decided to camp, I started to get hungry, and I think the dog felt the same. We found an amazing place and had a really beautiful sunset. Also I wanted to sleep in, so I chose a place with sunset and not sunrise. I know. Sunrises are the best, but sometimes its just nice to sleep in.

The food

Let me start of by saying I have a lot to learn. I wanted to start of easy, something that I thought I couldn´t mess up. So dinner, mashed potatoes and hotdogs. Impossible to ruin?? It was not a total disaster, I ate like half of it. But the hotdogs got burned, and I had forgotten about butter and salt or anything for the mashed potatoes that came out a bag. Lesson for next time, bring butter and salt. It will just make everything taste a bit more. 

Breakfast, sunny sided eggs and bacon. I started with the bacon since I didn´t bring any butter to have in the frying pan I thought it was smart to start off with the bacon. With all the fat from bacon the eggs would not stick to the pan. They stuck. The sunny sided eggs got a bit cloudy, but still eatable. I ate everything. A lot of proteins and fat. Forgot about carbohydrates. 


The mistakes

I have to plan my meals a bit better. How can I make things that taste better. Bring oil or butter for the frying pan. And some spices and salt for the food. And even think about something to clean it with, I´m just out a bout a day or two. I can stand not washing it in between every meal, but more than that I think I would have wanted to wash it. I also forgot about the coffee, that´s just wrong.


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